About Get Tested PH Medical Supply Company

We at Get Tested PH have your health, safety, and convenience as our top priority. It is our hope to empower you with medical test products that are both accurate and easy-to-use. Currently, we offer test kits for 6 sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including -Gonorrhea and HIV. We hope to expand our product line to better serve your needs and are open to your suggestions


STIs/STDs in the Philippines

Sexually Transmitted Infections or Diseases (STIs/STDs) are a reality in Philippine society. However, its sensitive nature makes it difficult to gather accurate statistics. Private practitioners are hesitant to report STI cases to the Department of Health. Plus, many cases of STIs remain undiagnosed.


Gonorrhea is one of the most common STIs in the Philippines and the growth of HIV-positive Filipinos is on the rise. These STIs may show symptoms. However, these may go unnoticed or may be attributed to other illnesses. It is important to get tested in order to get proper treatment.


Commitment to Quality

The Get Tested PH team takes your health and safety seriously. As such, we partner with reputable suppliers with products that adhere to Good Manufacturing Products (GMP) and certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Our hope is to provide you with safe and accurate test products so you can safeguard your health and get proper treatment.


Going Beyond Testing

More than just providing you with home test kits, we remain committed to proper treatment and overall health. Should you test positive, seek the medical attention from qualified medical practitioners to guide you through the treatment process.


We are open to partnering and supporting groups that provide support for those suffering from a sexually transmitted disease. If you are one such institution, please contact us.